AAP's 70 Promises

Since Independence, political parties have been making promises to voters, and breaking those later. AAP is different. We deliver what we promise. You can see for yourself.

Aam Aadmi Party resolves to legislate the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill after coming to power.
Aam Aadmi Party will legislate the Swaraj Act to devolve power directly to the people.
Acting within the constitutional framework our government will use its moral and political authority to push for full statehood for Delhi.
An Aam Aadmi Party government will keep its promise of reducing electricity bills by half.
We will conduct a comprehensive performance audit of discoms by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
We will put up Delhi's own power station at the pithead and comprehensively solve Delhi's electricity problem in the long run by being able to meet peak power consumption of 6200MW.
AAP reiterates the promise made in its December 2013 Delhi manifesto of providing consumers the right to choose between electricity providers.
AAP will facilitate a phased shift to renewable and alternate sources of energy.
AAP will provide Water as a Right.
AAP will ensure free lifeline water of up to 20 kiloliters (20,000 liters) to every household per month through a Delhi Jal Board’s (DJB) metered water connection.
AAP will provide universal access to potable water to all its citizens of Delhi at a sustainable and affordable price.
AAP will ensure the firm implementation of the High Court order that says Delhi is entitled to extra raw water from Haryana in the Munak canal, an issue on which the BJP government in Haryana and at the Centre have been dithering.
Our government will preserve and replenish local and decentralized water resources, will initiate schemes for rainwater harvesting, recharge of wells, watershed development and soil-water conservation.
AAP is committed to clamping down on Delhi’s powerful water mafia working under the patronage of political leaders.
The Yamuna River has been part of the collective memory of Delhi for a long time but this lifeline is dying.
The AAP government will throw its weight behind rainwater harvesting and strongly push it in a top-down manner.
AAP will build two lakh toilets across Delhi: about 1.
AAP will adopt and encourage the use of good practices in waste management techniques from across the world.
AAP will build 500 new schools with a special focus on secondary and senior secondary schools to ensure that every Delhi child has easy access to quality education.
Students who wish to pursue any diploma or degree course after finishing Class 12 from any school in Delhi will be given bank loans with the government standing as a guarantor.
AAP will open 20 new colleges under Delhi administration on the outskirts of the city in partnership with the villages of Delhi.
We will regulate private school fees by publishing the fee structures and accounts online.
AAP will bring in complete transparency in Nursery and KG admissions.
AAP is committed to improving the standard of government schools so that all citizens of Delhi have access to high quality of education.
Education and Health will be AAP's top priority.
We will create 900 new Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and 30,000 more beds in Delhi hospitals, out of which 4,000 will be in maternity wards.
Pharmaceutical drug and equipment procurement will be centralized to ensure zero corruption.
Seventy percent of Delhi’s streetlights do not work.
AAP will provide effective last mile connectivity in Delhi’s public transit system, which will play a role in reducing the number of crimes against women.
AAP plans to install CCTV cameras in DTC buses, bus stands and in crowded places as a deterrent against crime.
AAP will strongly push for the creation and completion of fast-track courts, which are dedicated to handling cases of sexual assault and other crimes against women.
New judges will be appointed.
AAP will set up Mahila Suraksha Dal or Women’s Security Force made up of a 10,000 strong Home Guard who are currently forced to work as servants, drivers and cooks at the residences of senior officers and ministers.
Our government will provide a Suraksha/SOS button on every mobile phone.
All government services and forms will be made available online and on the phone.
Decisions regarding the development of Delhi’s villages will be taken by Gram Sabhas, which will be granted special untied Village Development Funds to be utilized according to their priorities.
Section 33 and 81 of the Delhi Land Reform Act, which put unjust restrictions on farmers’ rights over their land, will be removed.
We will make Wi-Fi freely available in public spaces across Delhi.
AAP will formulate trader-friendly policies and streamline rules and regulations for setting up and running businesses.
Our government will continue with its decision of not allowing FDI in retail in Delhi.
Delhi will have the lowest VAT regime in India.
We will put an end to raid culture and inspector raj.
AAP will simplify VAT rules, processes and forms.
AAP will promote vocational education and skill development of Delhi's youth in schools and colleges, to bridge the real skill gap in Delhi.
AAP will create eight lakh new jobs in the next five years.
The government will encourage startups by setting up business and technology incubators in universities and colleges.
AAP will fill 55,000 vacancies in the Delhi government and autonomous bodies of the Delhi Government on an immediate basis.
AAP will implement a flexible and fair labour policy.
Delhi Ridge, the lung of the city, will be protected from encroachment and deforestation.
AAP will formulate holistic transport policies for all forms of transport including the metro, buses, auto rickshaws, rickshaws and e-rickshaws.
We will expand bus services in the city on a massive scale, adding at least 5,000 new buses to the city fleet in five years.
E-rickshaw drivers of Delhi spent many months mired in confusion.
We will collaborate with the Indian Railways to extend and develop the Ring Rail service in Delhi.
The number of auto rickshaw stands will be increased.
The Aam Aadmi Party proposes a simple solution of conferring freehold rights to resettlement colonies.
We will provide registration rights with regard to property and sales deeds in resettlement colonies.
We will construct affordable housing for lower income groups.
Slum dwellers will be provided plots or flats in the same location as the existing slums.
The government will initiate a universal and non-contributory old age pension system immediately.
In the retail and wholesale business, stringent measures will be taken to prevent hoarding and profiteering.
AAP wishes to make Delhi a completely drug-free state.
We are committed to protecting the rights of Persons with Disability (PwD), and hope to make Delhi an exemplar for the rest of India.
The 1984 anti-Sikh carnage was one of the lowest points in the history of Delhi.
Delhi is home to a large number of ex-servicemen and women from the Armed Forces.
The recent communal tension witnessed in Delhi is totally out of sync with the social fabric of the city.
AAP will end contractualisation in “safai karamchari” posts and will regularize existing employees.
We will ensure that policies of reservation concerning the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Caste sections are enforced in Delhi government jobs.
We will create new sports facilities, improve the existing infrastructure and provide coaching assistance to sportspersons.
We will provide second-language status to Urdu and Punjabi.
The Delhi Public Library Network, which presented a vibrant public space accessible to all and encouraged a culture of reading and curiosity about one’s social context, will be enhanced.