Fair and Transparent Water Pricing
AAP will provide universal access to potable water to all its citizens of Delhi at a sustainable and affordable price. The mandatory annual 10 percent hike in water tariffs will be abolished and any further hike will be made only after due consideration. The AAP government will abolish the C-1A (B) category to provide relief to households that run small shops from their residence (less than 100 square feet) for their livelihood for which they are charge commercial rates in spite of the fact that they are not using water for commercial purposes.
Project Updates

In a progressive move, the Delhi Jal Board has decided to abolish infrastructure charges on commercial connections. From now on, for commercial connections, a flat development charge will be charged: · < 50 square meters: Rs. 45, 000 · > 50 square meters: Rs. 1,00,000 This move will significantly ease the process of obtaining commercial connections and is another milestone towards Ease of Doing Business in Delhi. DJB has now decided to give 100 percent LPSC(Late Payment Surcharge) rebate as on 31 July to all commercial consumers till 30th Nov, 2016. All commercial consumers (individual and bulk) of DJB having a functional water meter and those consumers who will install the water meter before the closing date will be eligible under the scheme. Commercial consumers can pay such actual arrears by 30th November, 2016 in one go or through a maximum of four instalments. However, LPSC rebate would be admissible only after payment of full principal arrears/ dues by 30-11-2016. The scheme will also be applicable to those consumers who were in the erstwhile mixed category and were later categorised as domestic category after the abolition of mixed category. The change in the category was considered based upon the intensity of use of water. LPSC rebate worth 1100 Cr has been given which will benefit around 1.25 Lacs consumers. DJB has decided to extend the scheme for regularization of domestic and commercial unauthorized water connections and Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) waiver of commercial connections till 31st January 2017.

Since both automatic nature of price rise has been revoked as a policy and mixed-use water tariff has been abolished, this promise has been fulfilled by the AAP Government.

Providing relief to traders in the city, the Delhi Jal Board today abolished the mixed-use water connection category, converting them into the domestic one. The Board also approved six pilot projects on decentralisation of the sewerage system in the Capital. The DJB took the decision taken during its 123rd board meeting here. "The DJB has decided to scrap mixed-use connection category. This included those commercial establishments, which were not using water for commercial purposes, like cloth shops, but were charged for the same. We received several complaints from people so we decided to convert such connections into domestic connection," said Cabinet Minister Kapil Mishra, who is also the DJB's chairperson. In addition, providing relief to people living in multi-storey flats, the Board also decided to increase number of water connections in a single property from six to ten units per plot.


Automatic price hike has been removed as a policy. Every tariff change will be based on fiscal needs and will be approved by the Delhi Jal Board.