Women’s Security Force
AAP will set up Mahila Suraksha Dal or Women’s Security Force made up of a 10,000 strong Home Guard who are currently forced to work as servants, drivers and cooks at the residences of senior officers and ministers. AAP will also use 5,000 bus marshals to prevent and deter crime on public transport.
Project Updates

  • The AAP government was committed to ensure that over 4000 bus marshalls would be deployed in DTC buses to ensure the security of women travellers. Over 3200 marshalls have already been deployed till date.A women's security force is also being planned.


  • Recognising their efforts during the 15-day odd-even scheme, the Delhi government has decided to employ some civil defence volunteers in the Mohalla Raksha Dal — the State government’s vigilante group at the municipal ward level.
  • The government had enrolled 5,600 civil defence volunteers to assist in the implementation of the odd-even scheme.
  • All volunteers were trained and deployed at important junctions across the city with placards, banners, pamphlets and flowers to create awareness among the masses.
  • These volunteers will now keep an eye on illegal construction and crime-prone stretches, besides helping the elderly and women and doing their ‘basic job of helping people during natural disasters’. “The teams of Mohalla Rakshak Dal will be deployed in every area to keep a vigil,” said a senior Delhi government official. “From helping the elderly and women to informing civic agencies about illegal construction, these volunteers will also do their basic job of helping people during a natural disaster.”
  • “These Mohalla Rakshak Dal members will be paid as per the Civil Defence Act.
  • Teams will be constituted after a background check, but we are yet to decide their wages and whether teams will be deployed in every ward or colony,” said the official. Now, the Delhi government’s revenue department and the Delhi Urban Development Agency are working on the modalities.
  • The pilot project is already in place in Karawal Nagar, the constituency represented by Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra. “The initiative has helped us avert crimes and the response is very good.
  • This will be replicated in other constituencies,” said Mr. Mishra. Since November 26 last year, teams have been maintaining a vigil in Karawal Nagar. Earlier, a team comprising 28 volunteers was formed to keep a check in the area.
  • This was later divided into seven teams comprising four members each to patrol the seven colonies in Karawal Nagar constituency.
  • As part of the Mohalla Rakshak Dal, each team member was given a bicycle, a torch, a jacket and a whistle. “These teams have nabbed people with guns and some criminals who were evading arrest.
  • Because each volunteer is from the locality they patrol at night, it is easier for them to navigate the area and identify people not belonging to the neighbourhood,” Mr. Mishra added.
  • The young volunteers patrol the areas between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Though the group will act as the eyes and ears of enforcement agencies, government officials said they will not have prosecution power. “They will not interfere in the work of the police,” said a senior Delhi government official.
  • However, not every Civil Defence volunteer enrolled to assist with the implementation of the odd-even scheme will be part of the new initiative.
  • Many of them will be deployed in DTC buses to fulfil the Aam Aadmi Party’s election promise of providing marshals to make public transport more secure. “Many of them are trained in traffic regulations.
  • They will be used as DTC marshals,” said the government official.