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There is plenty of water in the city. What we need to do is make sure that it is easily and affordably accessible to every citizen, and that we work together to manage our water responsibly to get the most out of each drop.
AAP will provide Water as a Right.
AAP will ensure free lifeline water of up to 20 kiloliters (20,000 liters) to every household per month through a Delhi Jal Board’s (DJB) metered water connection.
AAP will provide universal access to potable water to all its citizens of Delhi at a sustainable and affordable price.
AAP is committed to clamping down on Delhi’s powerful water mafia working under the patronage of political leaders.
Our government will preserve and replenish local and decentralized water resources, will initiate schemes for rainwater harvesting, recharge of wells, watershed development and soil-water conservation.
AAP will ensure the firm implementation of the High Court order that says Delhi is entitled to extra raw water from Haryana in the Munak canal, an issue on which the BJP government in Haryana and at the Centre have been dithering.
The Yamuna River has been part of the collective memory of Delhi for a long time but this lifeline is dying.
The AAP government will throw its weight behind rainwater harvesting and strongly push it in a top-down manner.