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Women's Safety
Delhi will be strong and vibrant when every one of us is able to play a part in the social, economic and cultural life of the city. AAP will ensure that women can go about their lives in the city safely, and that their problems are attended to swiftly.
Seventy percent of Delhi’s streetlights do not work.
AAP plans to install CCTV cameras in DTC buses, bus stands and in crowded places as a deterrent against crime.
AAP will provide effective last mile connectivity in Delhi’s public transit system, which will play a role in reducing the number of crimes against women.
Our government will provide a Suraksha/SOS button on every mobile phone.
AAP will strongly push for the creation and completion of fast-track courts, which are dedicated to handling cases of sexual assault and other crimes against women.
New judges will be appointed.
AAP will set up Mahila Suraksha Dal or Women’s Security Force made up of a 10,000 strong Home Guard who are currently forced to work as servants, drivers and cooks at the residences of senior officers and ministers.